Veeam is proud to release the findings of yet another independent research project, the 2023 Ransomware Trends Report. What’s almost as bad as going through a cyberattack is talking about it to others, so Veeam contracted with a research firm to conduct blind interviews and surveys of 1,200 organizations who suffered one or more attacks in 2022. A key aspect of the project was to survey four different personas involved in aspects of cyber-prevention or attack-remediation, including:

   • CISO or another responsible IT executive
   • Security professionals
   • IT operations
   • Backup administrators

According to the 2023 Data Protection Trends Report, 85% of organizations suffered at least one cyberattack in 2022, which is unfortunately up from 76% in 2021. As such, and to ensure that Veeam continues to develop industry-leading solutions that enable cyber-resiliency, Veeam contracted a global research firm to survey organizations of all sizes across 14 countries around the world.

Download the full report