Digital Transformation in K-12 and Higher Education: Digital Document
Workflows for Agility and Improved Services

Learn how digital document workflows create efficiencies and save money.


Document digitization and electronic signatures modernize workflows to create more accurate, secure, and convenient experiences for students, parents, faculty, and staff.


Digital transformation (DX) in K–12 and higher education in the U.S. is accelerating. As a result of COVID-19, DX plans are being implemented more quickly to modernize and digitize operations.


There will be permanent changes post-pandemic in response to demands from staff, faculty, teachers, parents, and suppliers that require seamless digital document workflows, without manual or paper-based interruptions.


Read the Adobe-commissioned InfoBrief to learn how a key component of a seamless, secure digital document workflow is e-signature technology, which provides a multitude of benefits including:


      • supporting a more productive hybrid workforce
      • providing a better employee and student experience
      • reducing workflow errors
      • maintaining compliance


Access the full report to learn more.

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