No Longer an Afterthought, Digital Document Capabilities are Becoming Core Functionality

Learn how digital documents and signatures are becoming the new normal.


The shift to digitizing documents is enabling businesses and educational institutions to maintain continuity amidst unforeseen circumstances. Empowering a remote workforce, serving staff, students, and others without interruption, and accessing new opportunities are no longer best practices — they’re business necessities.


Digital document processes are helping organizations experience dramatic results:


    • 82% are in better positions to continue serving customers
    • 5X more improvement in maintaining business continuity
    • 64% say it enables effective collaboration for remote workers


You can access all the details in the Adobe-commissioned Forrester study, How Digital Document Processes Are Shifting From Best Practice to Business Necessity. Read the report to view key findings on how organizations are shifting gears on file sharing, e-signatures, and cloud storage.

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