Aflac Enhances Cyber Threat Intelligence and Integrates Security Ecosystem with Infoblox

Aflac was looking to optimize the performance of its entire cybersecurity ecosystem and enhance threat intelligence reporting. Wilson says, “We needed to integrate our diverse portfolio of cybersecurity tools and applications for better threat intelligence and reporting in real time. Infoblox runs on the architecture I already have, allowing my team to automatically provide aggregated threat data to the rest of the security ecosystem for investigation and remediation if necessary.”


BloxOne Threat Defense uniquely combines advanced Behavioral Analytics based on machine learning, highly accurate and aggregated threat intelligence and automation to detect and prevent a broad range of threats, including DGA families, data exfiltration, look-alike domain use, fast flux and many others. The solution also leverages extensive API integrations, valuable network context and data enrichment of the entire security ecosystem.


As a result, Aflac is able to be more proactive and offensive in its security posture and reduce threat defense costs.

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