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High Volume Hiring Study
Struggling to hire? Let's explore the solution.

The post-pandemic recovery has set off a historic set of hiring challenges that HR and talent acquisition professionals never saw coming. The challenges are being felt hard by employers that depend on hourly workers, and especially those hiring high volumes of workers.

First, let’s understand the REAL challenges.

We asked The Talent Board, a leader in researching talent and workforce dynamics, to gather insight from hundreds of recruiting and talent acquisition professionals around the challenges they’re facing in a hyper-competitive and fast-changing market for talent. This is real research, gathered in mid-2021, reflective of what employers are dealing with TODAY.


Research revealed some of TA leaders’ most pressing hiring challenges:


  • 79% say it is taking longer to fill hourly jobs – sometimes, over a month more.
  • 37% noted that candidate ghosting has become one of the biggest hiring challenges.


Next, let’s uncover ACHIEVABLE solutions.


This comprehensive report focuses on the challenges recruiters face today – many of which point back to the need for speed and simplicity in hiring.  Together, The Talent Board and Hourly take the research one step further, to explore practical steps you can begin to take to resolve your biggest hiring challenges.


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