Women and Telehealth

A CirrusMD Benchmark Report

Because women make up about ⅔ of telehealth usage, CirrusMD recently embarked on a study to answer questions about women’s preferences related to virtual care.


Participating in the study were over 1000 women located across the U.S., ranging in age from 18 to 65, who have had at least one telehealth visit in the past 18 months. As the results were analyzed, a few key themes began to emerge:


   • 89% of women utilizing telehealth believe it to be comparable or better than in-person care
   • Over 62% of survey respondents would be less likely to delay care if they had access to on- demand text messaging with a medical provider
   • 80% of women would consider using a telehealth service in between OB-GYN appointments


To learn more about the needs and expectations of your female employees when it comes to telehealth, download the full report. CirrusMD takes women’s health very seriously, and is continuously growing the number of female physicians on staff, as well as women’s health virtual care competencies.

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