Personalization is not about superficial gestures like using a customer’s name three times in a conversation or putting their account number at the top of an email. It is about leveraging recognition of customers to deliver experiences that are more expedient, relevant, and supportive at all phases of the journey.

Granted, anyone can trumpet the theoretical importance of personalization. What are leading brands doing to actually meet this standard for customer interactions? More importantly, what benefits are they experiencing – and what costs will complacent organizations endure?


To help answer these questions, Customer Engagement Insider is thrilled to spotlight findings from Deloitte Digital’s gamechanging new research report “Embrace meaningful personalization to maximize growth.” Topics include:


   • How leading brands are making CX personalization a reality in the digital world
    • Quantifiable results companies are receiving from personalization initiatives
    • The costs of delivering impersonal interactions, and why they will only worsen in the years ahead
    • Deloitte Digital’s proprietary personalization maturity curve, featuring a look at best practices for making lasting customer connections

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