Implementing zero trust: Key considerations
before you begin

You’re hearing everyone say it: “Trust no one.”


We’re talking about zero trust. It’s a concept that has ushered in one of the largest shifts we’ve seen in cybersecurity. Even the U.S. government has mandated that it be implemented across all agencies.


And it’s no wonder. A surge in new, wide-ranging cyber attacks is requiring us to embrace this new approach to cybersecurity.


But what is it? And how are we supposed to implement it in our own organization?


Incorporating zero trust into your security strategy is something much easier said than done. And that’s why we’ve created this eBook.


Download this eBook and we’ll walk you through:

    • What zero trust is and how it has evolved
    • The core concepts of zero trust
    • What to consider when:
    • Designing an implementation strategy
    • Selecting a zero trust methodology
    • Assembling a zero trust toolkit
    • Rounding out zero trust cybersecurity
    • How XDR can be a backstop in a zero trust strategy

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