The State of Business Communication

What’s getting in the way of effective workplace communication, and what can business leaders do to recoup their share of the $1.2 trillion lost every year to ineffective communication?


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Did you know that poor communication claims an entire workday each week? According to our latest report, The State of Communication, knowledge workers spend approximately 20 hours a week on written communication—that’s half of a 40-hour workweek! So, if your team is spending more time writing emails (5.3 hours) than making dinner each week, you need to do something about it.


Our report explores how the workweek is being lost to ineffective communication and spotlights how you can give your team the tools they need to make that lost time more productive while they go back to spending more time on dinner.


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   ● Why businesses are not communicating as well as they think.
   ● The warning signs of poor communication at work.
   ● How to treat communication like it’s “the backbone of business” in a hybrid world.
   ● Five business communication rules for the enterprise.


Though you may not realize it, ineffective communication is costing US businesses up to $12,506 per employee each year. As hybrid models become more commonplace, costs like these—and their impact on business success—will only increase.


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