Harnessing Real-World Data for DEI: Designing Representative Clinical Trials

Incorporating SDOH insights

Leverage real-world data (RWD) and social determinants of health (SDOH) to design representative clinical trials. Learn how in this webinar presented by experts Dr. Jen Lamppa and Dr. Jacob Milliron.

Join us for a journey into the world of clinical trial innovation with our webinar, “Harnessing Real-World Data for DEI: Designing Representative Clinical Trials.” Discover how our advanced data and analytics solutions combine vast connectivity, real-time data, and advanced analytics to reshape clinical outcomes.

This webinar will offer a detailed roadmap for implementing RWD and SDOH in trial designs, ensuring compliance with FDA diversity guidelines
and inclusivity and effectiveness of your research. Gain strategies to overcome barriers to diverse participant recruitment, understanding complex health outcomes, and leveraging data for actionable insights.

Learn how data can drive innovation and inclusivity in clinical trials.

Hear innovative diversity strategies

Gain insights into how incorporating a wider range of socio-demographic factors, including SDOH, can significantly improve clinical trial design and outcomes.

Discover data-driven solutions

Explore the capabilities of our innovative solutions that unite real-time data access with advanced analytics to empower your clinical research.

Maintain regulatory compliance

Understand how to design studies that not only meet but exceed FDA guidelines for diversity in clinical trials, setting a new standard in research excellence.

Uncover real-world applications

Learn from case studies and practical examples how diverse data sourcing and analytics lead to more effective clinical trial designs and healthcare solutions.

Jen Lamppa- AVP, Clinical Analytics, Inovalon

Jen Lamppa is the Associate Vice President of Clinical Analytics in Inovalon’s Life Sciences business unit, overseeing the sales, management, delivery, and customer success of clinical analytics services and solutions.

She holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from the Thayer School of Engineering and a Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering from Dartmouth College. Jen has a strong foundation in healthcare and research with over a decade of experience in clinical research, analytics, and healthcare strategy. Her expertise lies in bridging the gap between clinical analytics and practical application, ensuring customer success in all engagement.

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