How retailers can balance customer experience and business efficiency in 2024

56% of Singaporean consumers will abandon a purchase if they can’t pay how they want. Forget the fact you’ve created an amazing product, enticed shoppers to your store or website, and got them to the checkout page – if you offer a poor payment experience, over half will leave without buying.

On the flip side, great payment experiences can drive conversions, foster loyalty, and help build brand affinity. Customer experience is always high on the retail agenda. But today, the high cost of living and inflation are eating into both consumer spending power and business margins. As a result, business efficiency is also a hot topic in boardrooms around the world.

To find more about balancing amazing customer experience with operational efficiency, Adyen surveyed over 38,000 consumers and 13,000 businesses worldwide.

Download the full report to find out how payment technology can help you delight customers without spiralling costs. 

Download the report

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