Covid Changes a lot of things for a lot of employers and also employees and trying to adapt to some of those changes. I think one of the biggest ones was the need for flexibility for employees. And, ImIn is trying to create that for employees while also benefiting employers at the same time. The employers are benefited because it’s a retention tool. Employees are staying longer because they’re happier. They’re able to pick their schedules and they’re getting the flexibility that they need and desire in the workplace.

ImIn’s platform allows individuals to pick up schedules when they can work. Absenteeism decreases, and so that in turn benefits the employer because they’re able to keep employees. They’re working the schedules that they say they’re going to work versus scheduling someone and they’re not able to work those hours.

  • Do you have high absenteeism?
  • Do you have difficulty keeping up with seasonality?
  • DO you have peak periods that you can’t fulfill?
  • Do you have issues retaining your employees?
  • DO you experience high turnover rates?


One of the Key features of the ImIn platform is the ability to make hours available in real time. As there are call-outs or absenteeism for that day, we’re able to make those hours available in the marketplace instantly for individuals to be able to pick up if it fits their schedule for that week. Some of the features of the ImIn application allow for the workplace to operate more seamlessly. It allows for the recuperation of lost revenue. It allows for the reduction in absenteeism & shrinkage. And overall, it lead to more employee satisfaction.

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