Staying power: How leading companies use workforce education to retain top talent

Amid record-breaking talent shortages and widening skills gaps, retaining top talent is more important than ever.

To keep your best people, it’s critical to understand their needs and motivations. At the top of that list is learning, with a whopping 94% of employees saying that investment in training and education is one of the major reasons they would decide to stay longer with a company (LinkedIn Learning).

But today’s top talent expects more out of their employers than training courses and tuition reimbursement. They’re seeking L&D opportunities that lead to meaningful career advancement and income potential.

That’s why some of the world’s most innovative organizations are rethinking traditional approaches to L&D and opting for a more effective, modern solution: strategic workforce education. Failing to do so puts organizations in a position to lose valuable talent.

In this guide, we discuss:
  • The shortcomings of traditional approaches to L&D
  • A fresh way to tackle employee retention with a modern approach to workforce education
  • Tried-and-true best practices and success stories from industry-leading organizations

Access the best practices and real-life examples from industry-leading organizations on how to engage and retain employees.

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