Why employees want more than tuition assistance

What’s in the whitepaper


The future of work is here. The businesses poised for long-term success in today’s world will be the ones with engaged, innovative and highly-skilled employees. To develop and empower these workers, employers must have a strategic approach to education that goes beyond legacy tuition assistance and reimbursement programs.

InStride surveyed employees at Fortune 500 companies to better understand what they really think about employer-sponsored education programs.


In this whitepaper, we explore findings from the survey and share additional insights such as:


     • Why only 2% of employees who have access to a tuition assistance program actually participate in it
     • How you can achieve up to 226% ROI per learner by rethinking your approach and leaving behind legacy programs that deliver minimal returns
     • How to provide an accessible, seamless learner experience that encourages program participation and breaks down barriers

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