Safety In The Oil & Gas Industry 2023

With so much growth happening, oil and gas companies are going further afield to more remote and challenging locations for exploration. This adds further safety challenges to an already inherently hazardous industry.

Fatalities and injuries within the industry continue to increase, particularly as the demand for oil remains on its upward trajectory.

It is impossible to completely remove hazards from a gas or oil field, which is why safety, monitoring and emergency response management needs to be adhered to the highest industry standards. This means continuous and reliable communication between all stakeholders, both onshore and offshore, is vital – especially during emergencies. 

It is critical that workers in functions such as exploration, maintenance and transportation are equipped with rugged and intrinsically safe communication tools to support real-time collaboration and decision making.

Simply put, improving safety and productivity across your operations is nonnegotiable. And that means your safety and communications systems need to start working harder and smarter. They should not only help you enhance safety but also help improve team collaboration, monitoring capability and operational efficiency.

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