NEXTDC enhances visitor experience and operations with Security Center

NEXTDC, a stalwart in Australia’s data centre domain since 2010, stands as a beacon of trust and innovation with nine operational centres and over 1100 satisfied clients. Amidst a landscape of ambitious growth, NEXTDC is redefining customer service by leveraging advanced physical security systems.

Addressing Challenges
With Genetec™ Security Center, NEXTDC fortified its data centres with access control and video surveillance. However, it recognized the need to optimize customer interactions without compromising security, leading to the integration of physical security systems.

Empowering Remote Access
NEXTDC’s second-generation centres boast 2400 cameras, video analytics, and intercoms, all seamlessly managed through Security Center Federation. This unified platform ensures swift support for clients navigating the premises, enhancing operational efficiency.

Streamlining Operations
Through strategic deployment of Genetec solutions, NEXTDC reduced response times and enhanced productivity. David Dzienciol, NEXTDC’s Chief Customer Officer, emphasizes the transformative impact: fewer touchpoints and improved service delivery.

A Unified Vision for Service Excellence
With Genetec Security Center FederationTM, NEXTDC maintains security protocols while enhancing customer experiences across its network. The platform’s flexibility enables remote control and support, ensuring exceptional service regardless of location.

Anticipating Future Innovations
NEXTDC anticipates further enhancements with license plate recognition and compliance-as-a-service offerings, cementing its position as an industry trailblazer.

In summary, NEXTDC’s deployment of Genetec solutions has revolutionized customer experience, setting new standards for service excellence in Australia’s data centre landscape.

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