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Unlocking finance’s potential: Automating close to fuel innovation

Tuesday 19 March, 12:30
Hosted on Zoom

In today’s turbulent economy, finance teams face intensifying pressure to tightly manage costs while empowering staff amid high turnover. This webinar will explore how automating financial close can help finance leaders across industries elevate teams from scorekeepers to strategic advisors without busting budgets.

Lengthy manual close cycles now drain productivity as understaffed teams strain to complete repetitive tasks. New smart automation technologies offer escape velocity, accelerating close with improved accuracy despite lean teams.

A panel of expert speakers will discuss cost-conscious automation tactics and solutions that finance teams can leverage to transform close cycles, providing real-world examples of how organisations can use automation to free staff time from repetitive tasks and redirect focus toward decision support, strategy, and growth initiatives.

Faster, automated close is an operational win but also a springboard to fully tap finance talent despite turnover. By streamlining close, finance leaders can strategically upskill teams to drive innovation that moves the bottom line. This webinar spotlights the universal path organisations can take to unleash people power and transform financial close into an engine for cost-efficient growth.

Topics for discussion:

• What specific close tasks can be automated to free up finance staff time for strategic work?

• How can faster close cycles enable more impactful business insights and decision support?

• What are the biggest obstacles to finance teams adopting new automation technologies?

• How can automating close help retain top finance talent?

• What does the ideal strategic finance function look like in the age of automation?

• What have you seen done in your role to improve these processes and what was the impact of this?

12:30 – 12:35 Editor’s Welcome
12:35 – 13:00 Webinar Session
13:00 – 13:15 Audience Q&A

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