Okta and AWS: Accelerate Cloud Migration through Secure, Automated Access into AWS Resources

Companies want the freedom to choose the best technology for their needs for both today and tomorrow. Having this flexibility means no restrictions on what’s possible with any technology you integrate with, and more possibilities to move fast, execute on complex use cases, and accelerate transformation. No one wants lock-in–extensibility is no longer a nice to have, it’s a need to have. Find out why as we uncover:

   • How Okta + AWS work together today and plug into your existing stack
   • How Flo Health, WeTransfer, and OkCupid leverage our joint solutions and integrate new and existing technologies
   • Show off the integrations these customers are using today


Visit Okta on AWS Marketplace
Buying Okta through AWS Marketplace comes with many benefits. Customers will see lower costs as they can leverage existing AWS Enterprise Discount Pricing credits for Marketplace purchases. Procurement and billing also become faster and easier since you buy Okta directly through AWS Marketplace, and you’re invoiced the same way you are now with AWS.

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