Phelps Memorial Health Center Optimizes Revenue Cycle with Automation and Data Insights

Discover how Phelps Memorial Health Center, a small yet innovative 25-bed hospital in rural Nebraska, is revolutionizing patient care while optimizing revenue cycles.


As pioneers in holistic care, we prioritize meeting our community’s diverse needs. With over 100 services and a commitment to progressive healthcare, we ensure patients receive comprehensive treatment close to home.


Our journey began with Claims Management Pro, a game-changer in workflow automation. By transitioning to automated claims processing, we slashed manual remittance, enhanced efficiency, and tailored solutions to meet our unique requirements. Thanks to Inovalon’s cutting-edge technology, we’ve optimized billing processes, reduced errors, and accelerated payments, empowering our team to focus on what truly matters – patient care.


Embracing data analytics with Inovalon’s RCM Intelligence, we’ve unlocked unparalleled insights into our revenue cycle. By tracking denials and prioritizing first pass yield, we’ve elevated our KPIs to best-in-class standards. These actionable insights not only foster collaboration across our organization but also bridge the gap between clinical and financial operations, empowering our staff to drive positive change and enhance patient experiences.

Join us in shaping the future of healthcare finance with innovation and insight.

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