5 Ways CFOs Can Increase Project Profitability

Pressure is intensifying for CFOs in service-based organizations to show and drive projects profitability. The disconnect between the front office professional staff and the back office finance team can quickly lead to cost overruns, write-offs, and strained relationships.


Hear from a range of CFOs on how they were able to streamline their project reporting, arm their team with the right data and improve project profitability to save the day.

Download the whitepaper “5 Ways CFOs Can Increase Project Profitability” and learn how these CFOs were able to:


   ● Save 500 hours annually by eliminating workarounds
   ● Use dashboards to save ~55 hours on monthly reporting
   ● Increase project profit with real-time project cost reporting


Want to increase profits by up to 30%? Learn the steps you need to take and download the whitepaper now.

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