The Role of AI in Email Security

Email is one of the most common ingress points into organisations for threat actors. As organisations have implemented email security solutions and trained employees to recognise email attacks, threat actors have pivoted to more advanced methods that bypass protections. They have also embraced artificial intelligence (AI) to make attacks more scalable and personalised while also less detectable. 

Email security vendors are using AI in their defensive tools to stop attacks that leverage new and emerging attack methods in email. Many organisations have gained AI-enabled protections by virtue of their incumbent email security vendors adding AI capabilities to strengthen defensive posture. In addition, most have gone shopping for new solutions offering AI to bolster the baseline protections offered by cloud email providers.

When purchasing AI-enabled solutions to strengthen email security, organisations want the ability to protect more than just email, automated mitigation and remediation of identified threats, and next-generation capabilities to safeguard employees, the organisation, and its customers, suppliers, and business partners.

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