TransUnion Identity Playbook

Companies that understand the changes shaping the identity ecosystem will be best positioned to succeed over the next 18 months. The TransUnion identity playbook explores the alternative identifiers and people-based strategies enabling a future of privacy-conscious, omnichannel and addressable advertising.


Learn the challenges, change agents and opportunities that lie behind key identity trends, including:


   • Regulation will continue to bring data privacy to the forefront of identity development and activation
   • The future of identity isn’t solely about adapting to a cookieless ecosystem but understanding the changing currency of identity
   • Quickening consumer adoption of connected devices has reinforced the importance of both an individual and household-level view of consumers
   • Shifts in consumer behaviors and expectations are causing companies to reassess their ability to leverage data to deliver personalized experiences
   • Marketers are focused on efficiency more than ever, and media companies are looking to build alliances to compete against walled gardens

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