Webinar: Strike the Right Balance: Preventing Synthetic Identity
Fraud while Streamlining Customer Onboarding

Wednesday 28th June 2023, 12:30
Hosted on Zoom
Presented by FStech, in association with Ekata


Identity fraud has been a major issue for the financial sector for years, causing significant losses and headaches for institutions worldwide. But now, a more sophisticated threat looms: synthetic identity fraud. This advanced criminal activity involves the creation of entirely new identities by blending real and fake information, making it incredibly difficult to detect and trace via traditional means such as know your customer (KYC).

Join us for an eye-opening webinar as we delve into the depths of synthetic identity fraud and how financial institution can safeguard their business by looking beyond traditional data sources to assess the riskiness of identity elements in the digital environment.

This session is a must-attend for fraud professionals working in the financial industry, including fraud prevention specialists, risk managers, compliance officers, and other technology leaders. Whether you represent a bank, credit union, or other financial institution, this session will provide invaluable insights to fortify your defences against synthetic identity fraud.

Attendees to this session will hear about:

  • Synthetic ID fraud and how it has become a growing problem in the digital age
  • The biggest challenges facing financial institutions when attempting to identify and stop synthetic identity fraud during onboarding
  • How machine learning or artificial intelligence algorithms can be leveraged to detect and prevent synthetic identity fraud during the onboarding process and what specific features or patterns these algorithms look for
  • The role of behavioural biometrics in detecting synthetic identity fraud during onboarding and how organisations can leverage user behaviour analytics to differentiate between genuine customers and fraudsters
  • How organisations can stop fraudsters without adding unnecessary friction to the onboarding process for genuine customers


Join this webinar to find out more about the complex topic of synthetic identity fraud and examine the ways that modern financial institutions can go beyond the basics of KYC and traditional data sources to assess the riskiness of identity elements in the digital environment.


When: 28 June 2023
Time: 12:30


Jonathan Easton, Editor, FStech
Ting Van Osdol, General Manager, Ekata