Workload Management Redefined

Crafted by Unifii Available on ServiceNow

Discover how Unifii’s Workload Management App makes a difference and delivers remarkable value to your existing request management system.

Prepare for your team to be inspired and return to meaningful work.

  • Minimising Operational Overheads
Save on licensing costs with our tailored pricing option and cut administrative overheads by enabling business areas to manage their workflows independently.

  • Streamlining processes
Save time by automating triaging activities and eliminating requests for additional information before resolution.

  • Strengthening Governance and Control
Efficiently prepare for audits and reduce operational risks through structured processes.

  • Enhancing Team Collaboration and Communication
Cut costs by fostering consistency across teams and improved productivity, with unstructured email requests transforming into quality data.

Top benefits of using Unifii’s Workload Management Application

Swap manual, complex day-to-day operations for effortless workload management through one integrated platform. Escape the never-ending chaos of shared mailboxes and the tangled web of scattered spreadsheets. Say hello to a new era of unparalleled efficiency, all within the ServiceNow ecosystem.

How does it work?
Power up your ServiceNow platform with our Workload Management App. It’s not just another tool; it’s your secret weapon for conquering workload chaos. The pre-built partner-controlled application is available on ServiceNow’s App Store, empowering your team to get on top of their key tasks and leaving shared mailboxes behind.

Why choose Unifii?
As an Elite ServiceNow partner, our team of highly-qualified and experienced consultants know exactly what to ask to help you get the most out of the ServiceNow platform. We will work with you to consolidate inefficient systems, discover how to improve processes and ensure you maximise your return on investment.

We aim to be your trusted ServiceNow partner, unifying your business and ours to function as a combined team.

Check your potential ROI with our application.

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