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CX Trends 2022 Australia and New Zealand

CX Trends 2022 Australia and New Zealand
February 16 at 1:30pm AEDT


High-performing companies drive growth with customer service—we’ll show you how. We took data from over 97,000 Zendesk customers across 21 countries to help you become a force for change in your organization. Join us and learn how to improve your bottom line by putting customers at the top



Dive into CX Trends and customer service-led growth with Zendesk Chief Technology Officer, Adrian McDermott.

Local findings from Australia and New Zealand


Hear from our Australia and New Zealand VP, Steve Bray on this year’s Top 5 CX Trends driving the ANZ market in 2022 and understand how these trends compare to US and APAC findings.



Your customer service isn’t wowing customers, but maybe they don’t want to be wowed


Going above and beyond for individual customers may not pay off in a way you would expect. It’s much more strategic to curb disloyalty instead. Hear from Matt Dixon, Chief Research and Innovation Officer at Tethr and author of The Effortless Experience on how to make sure your customers keep coming back.



Your leadership talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk


You can’t force the C-suite to shadow agents or listen in on support calls. But you share their values, arm them with data, and help prioritize customer feedback. Hear from Jenn Lim, CEO and Chief Happiness Officer at Delivering Happiness and author of Beyond Happiness, as well as a customer story from Trustpilot.



Customer service is still seen as a cost center


1 in 3 companies still view customer service as a cost center. The truth is, it can act as a revenue generator in its own right. Hear from Matt Price, SVP of Global Advocacy at Zendesk alongside a customer story from CoreLogic on how they made it happen




Agents are burned out and feel undervalued

Your agents are on the frontlines. And when they’re unhappy, that means higher churn rates and dissatisfied customers. Hear from Emily and Amelia Nagoski, TED Talk speakers and authors of Burnout, about how to keep your agents and customers happy.



Disjointed systems confuse customers (and employees) and halt growth


Teams won’t succeed without the right tools in place—and backend issues directly affect customers. Hear from National Geographic Explorer and Engineer Albert Lin, most recently featured on Disney’s “Welcome to Earth”, about the importance of processes and systems to achieve goals—whether it’s in the jungle or a call center.

The Zendesk perspective


Hear how Zendesk can help you navigate common customer service traps and set you up as a high-performing support organization.

Building brands with exceptional customer loyalty


Hear from Mitch Lowe, former Co-founder and Executive at Netflix and learn key insights from his experience in building brands with exceptional customer loyalty. Understand how to make unpopular decisions without breaking customer trust.

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