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Optimising digital banking: Unifying communications for seamless CX

Wednesday 20th March, 15:00
Hosted on Zoom

In the digital age, financial institutions risk falling behind their rivals if they fail to unite fragmented communications ecosystems to deliver seamless, personalised customer experiences.

This FStech webinar sponsored by Precisely will explore vital strategies to optimise cross-channel messaging through omnichannel orchestration and real-time customer data access.

This session will examine how financial institutions can map out an ideal communications journey for key personas by fostering collaboration between departments, and harness customer insights and intelligence to enable relevant, tailored interactions.

Speakers will also discuss best practices for leveraging AI and automation to coordinate 1:1 omnichannel engagements that delight customers and examine how unified customer profiles and analytics dashboards can provide visibility into how streamlined communications can be the difference in increasing satisfaction, engagement, and lifetime value.

Attendees of this webinar will discover strategies to eliminate channel silos and implement the integrated systems that are essential to meeting rising consumer expectations for frictionless digital banking. Join us to gain insights into optimising your communications ecosystem to strengthen customer loyalty in an increasingly competitive landscape.

This webinar will also feature a presentation from Rob Dallison, Vice President, Sales at Precisely, and John Greenwood, head of technology and payments at Contact Centre Panel, delving deeper into how organisations can craft exceptional customer experiences through the strategic use of data and real-time customer communication technologies. Attendees will come away from this presentation with insights into harnessing the power of real-time data, leveraging integrated communications for seamless customer journeys, and implementing effective engagement strategies.

Topics for discussion:

• What are some best practices for breaking down silos between marketing, product, IT and contact centre teams?

• How can financial institutions leverage customer insights and intelligence to deliver tailored interactions?

• What are some challenges financial institutions face in unifying fragmented customer communications ecosystems?

• How can integrated systems support frictionless digital banking experiences?

• What strategies can help eliminate channel silos that impact seamless CX?

• How can optimised cross-channel messaging strengthen customer loyalty and competitive advantage?


15:00 – 15:05   Editor’s welcome
15:05 – 15:25   Guest speaker
15:25 – 15:45   Audience Q&A

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